fall skincare tipsDry Skin

With the arrival of fall, we are all aware of the foliage changing and leaves falling. However, as the temperature and humidity drop and the winds pick up, skin can become very dry and chapped. Dry Skin is vulnerable to the development of eczema, but early use of good skin care can decrease the chances of itchy winter skin and eczema. Prepare your skin for the season with these simple tips:

  • Use Less Soap. During the winter, people sweat less requiring less soap use during bathing. In fact, most people only need clear water to clean most areas except the scalp, private parts and underarms. Non-soap cleansers (like Cetaphil) are also much less drying than regular soap. Avoid bubble baths.
  • Moisturize More. The thicker and greasier a moisturizer is, the better it will work. Thinner moisturizers are more cosmetically acceptable but don’t moisturize as well. The best moisturizer is one that you will use frequently. The most important time to moisturize is right out of the shower because the skin is already full of water and this moisture can be locked in.
  • Humidify. A humidifier can be used to decrease the drying effects of cold, dry winter air.
  • Avoid drying and irritating products. Alcohol based toners, aftershaves, hand disinfectants, exfoliants, exfoliators and facial/body scrubs all irritate the skin and can aggravate dry skin issues.